EP 3: Why We Love Taylor Swift

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The 2019 Billboard Music Awards aired on May 20th. If you tuned in, you saw that Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie (Panic! At The Disco) opened the show with a colorful, fun, yet controversial debut performance of her new single “Me!” .

Did you also notice that I was sitting in the second row behind Taylor Swift the entire night? I understand if you didn’t, but I was there!

I’ve loved Taylor Swift since the release of Taylor Swift in 2006. I mean, we’ve practically grown up together. So it came as a pleasant surprise when she sat right in front of me the entire night of the Billboard Music Awards, and despite the bad case of RBF I have in the photo, I was glowing on the inside. I got to see what she was really like in person. Spoiler alert: she was everything you would hope and more.

In this episode, we touch on:

  • My experience at the Billboard Music Awards
  • A special interaction that Taylor had with a fan
  • Why we love Taylor Swift
  • Her new album (#TS7 anyone?)
  • “Guilty Pleasures” and why the term “guilty” should be banished forever

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