EP 1: HELP! I’m turning 30.

In honor of Tiffany’s 30th birthday AKA Valentines Day on our first episode we discussed our transition from our 20’s to our 30’s and shared our most memorable Valentine’s day memories. The good, the bad, and the ugly – we reflected on our 20’s and discussed our goals for this next phase of our life. 

Some topics we dig into on this episode are:

  • Learning how to celebrate where you are instead of focusing on where you feel you *should* be
  • How to transform negative thought patterns around aging into positive ones
  • How to maintain friendships as you get older and accept when it is time to let friendships go
  • The importance of forgiveness and self acceptance
  • Learning how to say no and overcoming the need to please everyone
  • Understanding how to manage your anxiety and stress naturally
  • The importance of human interaction and being mindful about your screen time
  • The importance of finding your mission statement in life
  • How to stop letting the fear of what will people thinkhold you back

If you didn’t get a chance to listen to this episode you can check it out here.